18 August 2011

i could never ask for more

Today is my sad day..
I don't know how to explain it..
Let be a secret only to me..
i still wanna express it in my blog!!

I keep stressing why some of people doesn't know
how to appreciating!
how to keep their promises!
and how to be honest in what you were doing!

i keep stressing just because of that kind typical "manners"!

Sometimes, i keep telling to myself that they are just human being
mistaken is a fate as a human.
Yeah, that right but is that a fate when something happened like this frequently and as always the same thing happened!

From time to time, you need a change..
be mature as a human..
I didn't judge them but pls lar appreciating and honesty is the most important thing..
Don't keep blaming other people, in fact the problem is come from ourselves..

My point is:

So, regard others as a treasure..
Then, they also do the same thing to you..
I could never ask for more..^_^

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