23 November 2010

Moist Cake

Recently, I just had made “Moist cake”..

Mmg da jdik rutin aku, klu ade kt umah (especially cuti sem la) msti wat kek…

Tp bukanla hari2 kwn2 ku sekalian..

Bler kerajinan uh ader la..hihi

It’s like satisfaction..Cam hobi!

Neyh first tyme nk try wat moist cake lak…

jadi ker x, xtaw la..hehe.

Nama pun percubaan oke!^-^

Klu kalian b'mnt nk wat, Untuk resepi leyh g kt link neyh: Resepi Moist Cake

@pun klu nk yg mudah ckit beli jerk yg “ready made”.

Aku pun gune tepung neyh sbb mudah and save cost!

Kt Bakery byk jual asenye..

Cam kt kedai yg aku pegi neyh..

Location: Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Kat belakang Wisma Jakel..

Untuk Pengetahuan, kedai neyh xde jual kek, roti ke,@ pun pastry taw.Kedai neyh hanya menjual any stuff utk wat kek @ biskut-biskut sahaja!

Resepi moist cake (by using ready made flour).

  • Ingredients A:

1 kg Ready Made Flour

400 g Eggs

200g Water

200g Oils


  1. Prepare one bowl.Break the eggs. Beat it until the eggs become frothy and fluffy.
  2. In a different bowl (mixing bowl), pour the flour.
  3. Mix eggs, water and oils at medium high speed until all the ingredient are blended and smooth.
  4. Pour into greased baking dish.
  5. Bake for 40 min at 130ÂșC.
  6. Test by sticking with knife. If it comes out clean, its done!
  7. Allow to cool.

e.g Baked Cake

Recommendation Chocolate (optional)

You can use chocolate by buying at the market. Or you can try this:

  • Ingredients B

¼ A loaf of Butter

1 cup Milo

½ cup Cocoa

1 cup Cream Milk

Some water


  1. Softened butter.
  2. Place powdered cocoa, milo, water, in a mixing bowl. Then, add milk.
  3. Stir at low heat until smooth.
  4. Ready to serve with baked cake.
  5. Now, you can decorate it. Put chocolate rice on it. So, that to make it tasty!

Originally my handmade:

Aku wat kek neyh 2 loyang.. tp xsempat nk amik pic yg ag 1 jenis! Just one left..

22 November 2010

I have a dream

Nk di jadikan cter...

semalam aku telah bermimpi..seriously, pretty cool beb!hahaha

Salah satu sbb, knp ak mimpi si dye neyh...

there a few possibilities:
1)sejak akhir2 neyh, ak dok menatap muke mamat neyh jerk...
2)terlalu memikirkan si dye
3)tidor lupe basuh kaki koyt..
4)dye mmg jodoh ak koyt..

Haha...kemungkinan yg mana satukah agak2 nye?

Mesti tertanya2 siapakah si dye a.k.a bukan nama sebenar..^_~
Agak2 sape dye ae...hehe

wanna try to guess?

So cute, isn't?
Klu da suke, tido pn nmpk comey...hahaha

Da dapat teka x sape dye?
Itu lah dye....Comey2!

(Lumrah la...nama pun pompuan! mmg sifatnye cm neyh..over ckit..hehehe)!

Nak kenal pasal kim kibum neyh sila lah ke link neyh oke :

There a lot of his pic u can download via that link!

Juz some pic i had put:

Hope to see u..
One day for sure..hahaha.^_~

18 November 2010


For this entry, I would like to share and recommend some books/novels to the readers.

It good especially to person who had wonderful semester breaks right now.^_^

The first ranking goes to Sidney Sheldon’s book.

Let me introduce a few about him. He is from the author of eighteen novels (which had sold over 300 million copies). His first book, The Naked Face and his latest bestseller, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

For more details about him, visit the website at www.sideneysheldon.com

Well actually, I’m not really followed his novels. What was I remembered, I had one of his novel about last year. I’m attracted to his writing due to simple and quite interesting. I’m already read “Bloodline” and “Nothing Last Forever”.

So, let review!


In overall is about trying of scramble in gaining property.

The daughter of a rich and powerful father, Elizabeth Roffe is young, beautiful and sole heir to a billion dollar fortune. Then, tragedy strikes. Her father is killed in a freak accident andElizabeth must take command of his mighty global empire, the pharmaceutical company and Sons. It makes Elizabeth the richest girl in the world. But someone, somewhere, is determined that she must die.

Nothing last Forever

There three women doctors Paige Taylor, Kat Hunter, and Honey Taft race from life and death decisions to the climactic of a murder trial.

These novel lays bare the ambitions and fears of healers and killers, lovers and betrayers in a heart.

Seriously, it would not upset u guys.

My advice, if u intended to buy these novels, try to find “2 in 1”, it means compiling!

it readily cheaper. (^_~)

Secondly, if u going to MPH, POPULAR or the book stores. Try to look up some Cecelia Ahern’s books. Her novel also entertaining.

If I’m not mistaken, her first novel was PS, I Love You. Please correct me, if I’m wrong. And the latest one is “The Gift”. For more details about her, visit www.ceceliaahern.ie

Her novel that I’m already read was “A Place called here”. It was bought by my sister and I’m only borrowed it. ^_^

Honestly, at first quite boring. But try to keep going read it.

My secret is to imagine each of the character with the fav actor/actress. So, it helped!

Try to figure it out ok!

A Place Called Here

Ever since the day her classmate Jenny May Butler vanished, Sandy Short has been haunted by what happens when something or someone disappears. Finding has become her goal.

Jack Ruttle is desperate to find his younger brother Donal who vanished into thin air a year ago. So when he spots and for Sandy’s missing person agency, he’s certain that she will answer his prayers and find his missing brother.

But then Sandy disappears too, stumbling upon a place that is a world away from the only one she has ever known. Now all she wants, more than anything, is to find her way home.

Third novel that i would like to share is by Aisya Sofea, "Gelora Jiwa".

Aisya Sofea is a person that already renowned as novelist in Malaysia.

Her novels such as"Jauh,Jendela Hati,Kau Untukku,Sehangat Asmara, Adam&Hawa,Buatmu Kekasih,Selagi Ada Dia,dan Yang Sebenarnya.

I heard recently she also has published a new story. The title not really common to my sense, but what I can tell it is about "minang” I guess.

Gelora Jiwa:

It is about a girl named Intan Azureen who had engaged with Hanif Azman since their childhood

(based on family arrangement). However, her love only for a guy named Hanif Ashman. Due to

the insistent of family, she needs to make a decision.

Btw, if u guys nak carik2 cter2 melayu yg menarik. Korunk bley klik kt link neyh:


And also if u guys had stories, some books that really interesting to share. In pleasure, I’m readily to hear and who knows, maybe find it.

12 November 2010

Bowling Tyme

Next planned: Bowling with "girlfriends".....

After what we had done before....

This tyme is really2 for exercising...hehe

Supportive uh pntg kan kawan2..

Nk b'sukan msti kne pkai kasut....^_^

Ngah mnggoda nana..."nana, blnjerr (ngn mke gatai...)hehehe....

Sempat ag "Ching" kter mkn sweet corn ae..hehehe

Lihatlah Muke2 Pemain2 kebangsaan "level umah kter"..hihi
Anda memang hebattt...hahaha

Bik Nana

Bik Dayah

Mkcik Eda

This is happened if u is first tyme men bowling...

cnfem2 la masuk longkang!hahaha...

Tp xpe, sekali gagal xsmstinye gagal selama2 nye..

20 min later:

It could be considered as ok kan?? even it doesn't want strike...huhu

Setelah sakit2 tgn2+ kuku+jari wlupun bwu men 1st game..hahaha

Kterorg pn decided nk balek..agpn, da ptg sgt tyme uh..

(Sambil igt pesan mak)

Mak:" Jgn balek malam taw, before mghrib kne balek dah".

Saya: Baek, Mak!

Balek2!! Byee!!!!!

Makan-makan sampai kenyang!

Yeah..finally sem 3 was officially over ended!

To celebrate it, this is what we doing...hehe

After looking to all the pics..can u see what i see??hihi

Most of the pics have "Shrekk"..hahaha..sory to hafiz hazman...

Xp'cye?? tgk laaa....

Bak kte pepatah..."Gendang perut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suke aty"

Credit to naif and napi cz blnjer kteorg makan free ae..Credit to KFC,Sc7 cz kasik kteorg hingak kan suasana as well dok kaco mamat2 yg ngh stdy..huhu..tension depa!

btw, time kaseh gak utk sume eh220 3b for this sem...Insya-Allah next sem kter jmpe lg..otoke???

05 November 2010

Da abesssss!!


Muke Kebahgiaaan bler da abes exam!hihi....
Tp dlm suke ade gak la duka..

erm...dh lma x blogging..bwu je slesai sem 3..utk cuti sbln neyh..aku nk cbe lupakn msa silam yg nth pape 2..huh..!!bunyi cam mgarut jer…. Pas abeh jer las paper ak 6/11/2010, tghari tepat jam 12 p.M..So, melangkah ke luar dgn aty sdey Kepayahan ‘paper td buatkan ak try utk snyum!Bak kter kawan ak ‘impression’ uh pntg…So, dgn mke tenang dan senyum serta berbunga2..Melangkah seperti ‘yup, nothing bad happenned’! (poyos jerk…)

Tgk lah muke bhgiaku…terujaku…dan kepolosan ku..

Apepun, dis sem is really hardcore subjects…Kawan2!!doakn sy k!

Skrg neyh ngh merancang activity2 stlh abeh exam..ape ae??
bljr masak?

driving school?

bce novel2?

or dok tgk movie2 korea??

hok2.sbenarnya aku bwu jer lps kmas almari aku..wktu kmas 2..mcm bse larh, bnde yg pnye laa lme tersorok..ketemu jugak..Cmneyh la bler 6 bulan sekali bler mnyelongkar…

Packing!!!Packing and Packing!!!

Mengemas Umah sewa..huhu..

tgk la betapa kemasnya..leyh jadik isteri solehah da neyh...hahaha

Bler da ase2 clear sume...masing2 pakat da ltih la gamaknye...

Tuh la t'jadik bler dok exrcise kemas sne cni...bknnye sllu..uh yg agk kesakitan..hahaha

Oke la next tyme ak update ngn story2 di wktu2 cuti2 *malaysia* neyh...hihi