02 December 2010

Got Sick!


It was Thursday morning, and as soon as I woke up, I knew that I would be taking a sick day.

Lying in bed with the alarm still beeping,!!!

I bit some dead skin off the side of my nose and began to wonder how I could feel so rotten and at the same time my head dizzy.

No position that I assumed in bed made the feeling go away. So I got out of bed and drank some “tamarind juice”. When I was done, I put the juice back in the fridge, walked over to my toilet, and threw it all up. The enchanting circle of life. (@_@)!

“Do I have flu”? I giggled, crouching down in front of the table with my knees shaking and hot sick tears streaming down my cheeks. Not a good way to start the morning.

I told my mom with one word- “demam”

And went straight back to bed. When she came to me, it was not to ask how I was but rather me to go to a clinic.

I hated the idea of going to a clinic.

Let me explain: It’s not about fear , but I really2 don’t like the drug/medicine (some type of liquid, but pill is ok)..

No thanks. I decided to continue lying in bed, thinking about my sickness.

I would have been running a fever.

My sick day was spent lying in bed, or sitting on the bed, reading some kind of novels and drinking peppermint tea. I’m better now.

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