23 November 2010

Moist Cake

Recently, I just had made “Moist cake”..

Mmg da jdik rutin aku, klu ade kt umah (especially cuti sem la) msti wat kek…

Tp bukanla hari2 kwn2 ku sekalian..

Bler kerajinan uh ader la..hihi

It’s like satisfaction..Cam hobi!

Neyh first tyme nk try wat moist cake lak…

jadi ker x, xtaw la..hehe.

Nama pun percubaan oke!^-^

Klu kalian b'mnt nk wat, Untuk resepi leyh g kt link neyh: Resepi Moist Cake

@pun klu nk yg mudah ckit beli jerk yg “ready made”.

Aku pun gune tepung neyh sbb mudah and save cost!

Kt Bakery byk jual asenye..

Cam kt kedai yg aku pegi neyh..

Location: Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Kat belakang Wisma Jakel..

Untuk Pengetahuan, kedai neyh xde jual kek, roti ke,@ pun pastry taw.Kedai neyh hanya menjual any stuff utk wat kek @ biskut-biskut sahaja!

Resepi moist cake (by using ready made flour).

  • Ingredients A:

1 kg Ready Made Flour

400 g Eggs

200g Water

200g Oils


  1. Prepare one bowl.Break the eggs. Beat it until the eggs become frothy and fluffy.
  2. In a different bowl (mixing bowl), pour the flour.
  3. Mix eggs, water and oils at medium high speed until all the ingredient are blended and smooth.
  4. Pour into greased baking dish.
  5. Bake for 40 min at 130ºC.
  6. Test by sticking with knife. If it comes out clean, its done!
  7. Allow to cool.

e.g Baked Cake

Recommendation Chocolate (optional)

You can use chocolate by buying at the market. Or you can try this:

  • Ingredients B

¼ A loaf of Butter

1 cup Milo

½ cup Cocoa

1 cup Cream Milk

Some water


  1. Softened butter.
  2. Place powdered cocoa, milo, water, in a mixing bowl. Then, add milk.
  3. Stir at low heat until smooth.
  4. Ready to serve with baked cake.
  5. Now, you can decorate it. Put chocolate rice on it. So, that to make it tasty!

Originally my handmade:

Aku wat kek neyh 2 loyang.. tp xsempat nk amik pic yg ag 1 jenis! Just one left..

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