20 December 2011


Assalam..agak lme x update ak pnye blog neyh.
Tp disebabkan kestressan yg ak alami skunk ney, so i need some "space" utk x concentrate 100% only on my work!

This week minggu last lar krenye utk menamatkan sem 5 ak ney..which is kne lar harungi final exam dulu, bwu lar pass for the next sem.Insya-Allah!^_^

Kay lar di sebabkan da final week neyh, bermacam2 la assignment yg kne submit. For this week shj i've got about 10 report need to be submit..:(


xde la...ak tipu jer lbey uh. actually dlm 5-6 report jer kalu total sume.:P

Dlm mse yg sme study for test..

So,nasehat ak kat adik2, or esp students yg merungut bler dpt keje2 yg berlambak cmni sumenye depend on our self. Manage time lar yg paling penting kalu ley wat schedule or check list. It really help us!

Ok lar.doakan sy yea kawan for final exam...takuttt!!
Assalamualaikum..see ya!:)

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