17 March 2012

Pissed off!

Finally, weekend is coming!
today, is saturday..most people hang out with friend and also family..
unfortunate,my mom is in pulau perhentian right now..
having another "honeymoon with my brother's family"..

So, keep myself in kolej kediaman is something that is not right!:P
Planning: hang out with my really2 good friends nana,khai,dayah and also eda going to TAR which is stand for Jalan Tunku Abd Rahman!

I ever do walking there, but some memory I'll remember bout TAR, so..so..so...crowded!
Patience is something or one thing you need to be there.trust me!:D

Because of I really wanna find a "jubah", that one of the reason I join them.
Actually, Its been a long time I've craving to buy a jubah..

Ok, today it is really a long and tough day!
Its making my whole body feel sick enough and leaning all time..

But what making me feel more and more physically sick and pissed off when there something happening!Erghh..so exaggerated of her!

From now on, I do believe that the customer is always right!
As a shopper, she should respect more than just saying and come out with that word from her mouth (nothing serious actually, just something rude in version slow..:P)

Totally, I'm upsetting but I've respect her as a woman and after that I've just thinking that maybe she PMS or doesn't know the real situation. In fact, I've already bought that "item" from her shop.
P/s for her: As a seller, you should gain more knowledge how to respect customer and check the situation first before jump into wrong conclusion.Its more embarrassing since you got a pretty face..
That the world!^_^